[Video] Classics – Porsche takes fan advice for new Top 5 feature image

The German automaker has been churning out a very nice series – for both fans and otherwise – that sees in a top 5 roster some of the rarest, interesting most sought-after models it has ever produced.

And because fan reception around the series has been tremendous, the automaker decided to listen to the public and feature a bonus Top 5 installment, showcasing the most-wanted classic models – including one that’s so rare even Porsche doesn’t have one in its pristine collection. Porsche previously dug in its extensive archive to show us the best models from Porsche Exclusive, best sounding models, coolest concepts, and rarest models. Now they decided to listen to fans and showcase three of the company’s models the general public wanted most.

First off we have the 1967 911 R – the one so rare Porsche doesn’t own one. The team went to Belgium to meet with a collector that owns one of the 23 examples ever produced – including the four prototypes. It looks as if it’s a standard 911, but it’s actually built for races, with ready to compete modifications. Afterwards, Porsche went to the Hockenheim track to work out a 917/30 Can Am Spyder – the turbocharged flat 12 can deliver more than 1,000 horsepower. At long last, the crew gets back to Porsche’s test center at Weissach, presenting an initial 911 Turbo in the wind tunnel. By the way, the famous whale tail spoiler can apparently hold 40 bottles of German beer.