[VIDEO] Coffee-powered car hitting 107 km/h image

Over the time we have presented to you, here on inautonews.com, several weird alternative fuels, like the alligator fat that can be converted into “something” which can be put in the gas tank, or the orange peels, which will definitely change the smell in your exhaust system.

But this has gone a little too far and the coffee-powered car is here, made by British engineers, who are bragging that their vehicle can reach a top speed of over 107 km/h. The car managed to go from London to Manchester using only one “fuel tank” which is over 336 kilometers.

But there’s a catch at all of this, like always. The car used is a Rover SD1 with a six-cylinder engine and it seems that coffee wasn’t the only thing used to power it, wood playing a big role too. According to the British men who made it, the car runs by burning coffee leftovers and wood at a high temperature, forming synthetic gas which is able to power a normal engine.

The gas resulted is a combination between CO2, hydrogen and methane, resulted after the coffee leftovers and wood were burned at a temperature over 700 degrees Celsius. The gas is then pushed into the intake while the cooling is being done using two 12V fans.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy!