The small Japanese automaker proved that being backed by a large corporation is not always needed for survival. More so, the carmaker’s new models – the mid-sized 6 and compact 3 – revive the long-forgotten relationship between car and driver.

Remember the times when driving your car made you feel connected and you could say the drive implicated you in some way, actually any kind of way? Besides specialist niche models, usually mass-market cars now have a way of detaching you to the point that driving your car now feels like ironing your shirts before getting to work. Among the generalists, Mazda has had a long-standing relationship of love with the driver – the utterly implicating MX-5 small roadster managing to transfer some of its DNA into each model.

The new-generation Mazda3 is a great all-round compact car, with a beautiful design attention to details and engineers that say up front downsizing is for “pussies” and give us larger Skyactiv engines. The model is also the company’s best seller – especially in Japan and the US. Because the UK division needed a helping hand, the marketing guys thought (not very original though, Top Gear’s Hammond did it with an MX-5 vs. greyhound back in 2007) that one of the favorite British sports could do the trick.

So, here we are presented with an entire list of funny videos featuring races between the Mazda3 and our best friends form the animal world – dogs. We have them all – a Collie, a Greyhound, a Mastiff and a Retriever. So, place your bets and watch the races!



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