The cool thing about cars is that you can usually categorize them quite easily – err, sorry, that was about four decades ago before all the madness with niches started.

Back then you had small cars, medium cars, large cars and very large cars. Now we have crossovers, coupe-like sedans, city cars and 3.000 other segments no one remembers. Yep, life is easier when it’s simpler. This video can prove this point – for example everyone heard of muscle cars. And every European knows a bit about hit hatches. So, in the interest of keeping it simple they decided to call the hot hatches the European muscle cars. We kinda’ like the sound of that – especially since the author here is from the Old Continent. Anyways, the youtube channel Carfection – actually the guys formally known as XCAR – have decided to prove their point by bringing together a Focus ST and a retro Ford Mustang.

This being a comparison without being a comparison is excusable, but we’re unsure of their idea since the classic ‘Stang has been set next to a Focus ST in the station wagon version. And the sacrilege continues – it’s the Focus ST Wagon with a diesel engine under the hood. But in the interest of imagination, we can assume they will also refer to the Audi RS3 as the Hellcat or to the Mercedes A45 AMG as the Shelby GT 350.

Via Carfection


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