Anyone would say this is a far-fetched competition, but the magazine actually decided to have a go from just one perspective – real world range, achieved through their proprietary testing methods.

First things first, “you could just about buy two Bolt EVs (starting at $37,495, including $875 for the destination fee) for the price of that Tesla Model S 75D (which starts at $75,700, including destination and documentation fees),” explains the influential outlet. And they were also keen to point out they wanted to compare their top achiever in terms of range – the Tesla Model S 75D (among cars they tested) with the new entry, the Chevrolet Bolt. And the magazine reported the benchmark testing revealed the latter to be the champion of real-world range from within its parking lot.

Consumer Reports’ own independent testing saw the Bolt go for 250 miles on a charge, while the 2016 Tesla Model S 75D went for 235 miles. Interestingly, the Chevrolet beats the official EPA figures – 238 miles – while just about every other vehicle they tested before has fallen short, including the Tesla with 235 versus 259-mile EPA estimate. “In our electric-vehicle range test, we put the Bolt head to head against our 2016 Tesla Model S 75D. The Tesla ran out of juice at 235 miles, while the Bolt motored on for another 15 miles,” commented the magazine.



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