[Video] Consumer Reports tells us about 7 cars that owners regret buying image

Some of us love the rides we bought with our hard earned cash, whether perfect or flawed – but some owners also regret making their choice, and if you live in the US you can take advice and stay clear of them.

No matter the ride or rides you have – there are chances your content or discontent with your car – you’re not a true gearhead if you’re in the middle. Anyways, there are lots of people belonging to all three categories (just because you’re not a fan we’re not discarding your opinion), but for space limitations we’re just going to focus on the unhappy category. In the US the all-mighty Consumer Reports magazine continues to help people make better choices – even if they are among the people that actually own one of the worst rides. At least they can do better next time. The list – which was made with contribution from over 300,000 subscribers – has the cars with the most issues encountered by owners.

By the way, they also kept tabs on the different categories – so we have small cars, mid-size, small SUVs, mid-size SUVs, minivans, pickups and of course the cherry on the cake – the winner. The results are as follows: small sees the Dodge Dart, mid-size has the Chrysler 200, small SUV comes with an unsurprising Jeep Compass, mid-size SUV goes with the Nissan Pathfinder, the minivans category has the deceased Dodge Grand Caravan and the pickup segment counts on the Nissan Frontier for the shameful position. The overall loser is a model you need to find for yourself from watching the video – hint, hint, it’s updated for the model year – and from Japan.