[Video] Cop escapes Infiniti QX80 ramming done by woman on drugs image

The following police officer must have done some good deeds in his life and the angels paid notice since he was almost ran over by a hulking SUV that was stolen – as the suspect decided he and his Interceptor need some beating.

Sand Springs Police Master Patrol Officer James Matthew Stacy was in the line of duty and was pursuing a 41-year old woman, trying to stop her and the vehicle – an Infiniti QX80 – while wrecking havoc through a school’s parking lot. Cameras showcasing the policeman’s point of view depict him as he sets the police car in the middle of the road in an attempt to block the exit of the incoming large crossover. The next instances are not for the faint of heart, as the suspect accelerates the Japanese sport utility vehicle and crashes into the police cruiser, with the officer firing a couple of rounds as he takes cover behind the vehicle’s door. Commenting for Tulsa World, Officer Stacy reported afterwards to investigators his first intention was to use the so-called “stop sticks” that are designed to disable a car’s tires – though he understood there was no time and decided to cover behind the door of the car.

Fortunately after the impact he only suffered minor abrasions and after he was thrown from the impact of the crash he continued with his work, assisting his colleague with the apprehension. Naturally the woman that rammed the police car and targeted the policeman was immediately arrested for assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a police officer, as well as running from police officials, driving under the influence of drugs, possession of a stolen vehicle and resisting arrest. And all those should earn her a well deserved sentence in jail.

Via Tulsa World