[Video] Cop goes for a hood ride with drunk driver, it’s for real image

We’re used to seeing the good guy – usually a police officer –cling onto the hood or the roof of the baddie, but that’s actually something we know it’s faked using skilled stunt men.

But this time around, we have dashcam footage to prove it’s also possible in real life is some prior conditions are met. First you need a really dedicated cop (just look at how he still holds the devices of trade), then you need a stupid, drunk drievr with an expensive car that believes the world is his – and it’s not. A cop tried to stop a Mercedes driver at a checkpoint and the drunken scooped him on the bonnet and then took him for a ride while the terrified man clang for his life. The incident took place some weeks ago in the Chinese city of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province – the officer attempted to stop the car at a crosswalk, and the driver is initially responsive. But then he gets scared and hits the throttle.

While in front of the car, the officer is using his wits and avoids being run over by the car, instead grabbing the edge of the hood. The driver accelerates to high speeds and is then shown by CCTV footage even blasting with the vehicle – a Mercedes S-Class – through a turn at speed, almost causing the officer to slide off the hood. The ride ends after about two kilometers and local reports suggest the driver was drunk and two people were arrested in relation to the incident.