While electric cars have failed to gain the envisioned traction mostly due to the increasing interest in SUVs / crossovers and trucks and the low gasoline prices, they still become more and more impressive.

And electric cars have proven their performance capabilities more often than not, with points going to Tesla or such extreme depictions as the Genovation Cars’ record-setting eXtreme Electric – a model based on the Chevrolet Corvette. A recent test made on location (well chosen, we might add) at NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, saw the GXE accelerate (very quickly) to a maximum speed of 186.8 mph (300.62 km/h) after one mile. The company says the model can top 200 mph if it has enough space to go. The record has been certified by the International Mile Racing Association, and comes to best by a long distance the 177 mph run achieved just a year ago in Texas by an electric Ford Mustang. The GXE had at the wheel a record holder for gas powered regular cars, Johnny Bohmer, who a few years ago reached 283 mph in a custom Ford GT.

Genovation even offers the Corvette-based GXE to electric fans if they have $330,000 to spare, or they can bring their own Corvette and the mod will “only” set them back $290,000. The actual Vette’ used for the record run was a 2006 Z06, which had its V8 engine stripped out and replaced with Genovation’s electric motor churning out 700 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque – it even boasts a 130-mile range.


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