A Russian footballer has managed to crash his Nissan GT-R after losing control of the wheel for excessive speeding and the whole incident has been caught on camera.

We all know that Russia is the place where the most “impressive” car crashes are coming from and this newest example is showing us a crashed Nissan GT-R. According to the local media, the Godzilla has been driven by Andrey Yeshchenko, a local footballer, who was included in Russia’s squad for the 2014 World Cup and it is currently playing for Kuban Krasnodar.

The 31-year old man has been involved in a horrific car crash, caught by a traffic camera, while losing control of the wheel of his Nissan GT-R and driving it straight into a cement pole at a speed of 170 km/h (105 mph). The whole incident has been caught on camera and even if it may seem like he has suffered severe injuries, if you look closely at the 13-second mark, you will actually see him getting out of the car.

If the Russian footballer got lucky, that doesn’t mean that his ride will be lucky too because judging by the images posted below, we can dare to say that it is going to the scrap yard. The two-door 2+2 sports coupe has been in production since 2007 and the carmaker is currently working on a successor, which may take things to a different level. The Godzilla has been upgraded almost every year of its production, becoming more and more powerful.


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