[Video] Cristiano Ronaldo shoots footballs at Jenson Button’s McLaren 650s image

Famous football (soccer if you live in the US) star player Cristiano Ronaldo and equally famous Formula One driver Jenson Button got together… for a session of kicking balls at a supercar doing donuts.

The interesting take on the millionaire encounter seems triggered by the stars being billed to play a key role in the latest commercial of watchmaker Tag Heuer. They both posted on Facebook about the company and used the hashtag #?DontCrackUnderPressure – a smart way to promote a watch’s pressure prowess.

While one of the video posted shows an orange McLaren 650s doing donuts – with Ronaldo and Button possibly inside, the second clearly depicts the football star kicking some balls at the supercar – in a challenge to see if he can send them through the open top inside the cabin.

The McLaren 650s is the spiritual successor of the MP4-12C model, the first iteration of a road car from the Formula 1 specialists after the incredible McLaren F1 of the 1990s. Curiously, Ronaldo has even owned the MP4 model, but then again – thanks to his millions – he owned or drove almost every cool car on the planet. But the automotive kudos still goes to Jenson – who is safe to say he’s one of the fastest men on the planet.