When you think about the fact that people changed very much and you can’t rely on anyone, especially a stranger, to save your life while he or she is risking his / her own you can watch this video and your whole perception on the subject will definitely change.

A dramatic rescue was caught by a camera in Utah, United States, when a group of bystanders risked their own life to save a motorcyclist trapped under a burning car. The people in the video managed to lift the burning car from the motorcyclist, an action which saved the man’s life.

According to the police, quoted by abcnews.go.com, the biker hit a BMW and slid underneath it while the car burst into flames. The man was lucky to escape from a painful death and owns his life to this small group of strangers who risked serious injury to save him.

After being rescued beneath the burning car the motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but doctors say that his injuries aren’t life-threatening.

His rescuers deserve a big solid gold medal for risking their lives to save a stranger. We only wish that we would see more often people like these. You can watch the dramatic video below.



  1. Classic!! Just drag him out and walk away??!! How long does it take the coppers to put the fire out??!! This has to be one of the worst rescue attempts EVER!

  2. The reason they had to leave him was because the firefighters got there, and the man could have broken his spine its medical 101 not to move someone who may have a horrible spinal injury.


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