[Video] Crowdfunded Dodge Viper ACR takes the Nurburgring in 7:01.3 image

Just this weekend, the crowdfunded team of Dodge Viper enthusiasts managed to complete their second run attempt to establish a new record on the Nürburgring, besting their previous performance with a lap time of 7:01.3.

Unfortunately for them this was a mixed feeling weekend – the time was a whisker away from their self-imposed sub-seven minute time and the team actually went out with a bang – a real one, because one of the cars unfortunately crashed. The optimists would point out this time not only bests their previous performance of 7:03.45, but it’s also the quickest time achieved by a street-legal Dodge Viper on the Nurburgring, and arguably the best performance from a series produced American car on the famed track.

[Video] Crowdfunded Dodge Viper ACR takes the Nurburgring 1

According to media accounts, the endeavor had all the thrills of a movie – the Viper team first lost one of the cars to a seized differential earlier in the week, before the attempt even started – and then the second one crashed due to a high-speed tire failure just after it established the new best lap. The best thing – both drivers escaped unharmed from both incidents, the second one being quite serious – and we also have video footage of the record-setting lap. With the 7:01.3 time, the Viper is actually the fifth fastest car overall on the Nürburgring – ahead of marvels such as the new Mercedes-AMG GT R (7:10.92).