While the week was clouded by the incredible GTA-style story of a car salesman being kidnapped at gunpoint over a Dodge Challenger, let’s have a merrier turn when talking about customer test drives.

That’s because we have footage with some Malaysian Mitsubishi customers that were “pranked” and in the process have the shotgun ride of a lifetime – one that would most likely be passed throughout generations in the family. What we have here is a regular bunch of dudes that look to have a go in the Mitsubishi’s L200 / Triton pickup truck. This is the latest iteration of the model which has its own set of fans, thanks to its set of qualities. The regular test drive ensues but then all goes amock as the nice sales girl that pretends to have zero knowledge of cars makes them all desperately look for all the handles inside the vehicle. The reason is simple – the gal in question is actually Leona Chin Lyweoi – a pro drifter that has more than a decade of experience on the big scene of this motorsport section.

We mostly know these marketing giggles are staged to a degree but we actually have no problem seeing a beautiful girl spinning a truck around quite a few times – maybe all those manly men out there looking to impress their dates will think twice before bragging. Who knows, they might find themselves outsmarted one day… And we’re also giving kudos to such forms of humor – we all know YouTube instances when limits were crossed in search of the fabled viewer record.

Via maxman.tv


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