Innovation company Volocopter from Germany has recently received a new cash infusion of around $30 million from a consortium that also includes Daimler, besides technology investor Lukasz Gadowski, and others.

While this isn’t your regular case of flying car project – it’s of interest for us, because it will try to enter the still unborn market for flying vehicles that will act as taxis or perform ride-hailing services. And it’s something that will happen sooner rather than later, with investments from Uber, Airbus or locales such as Dubai that are already testing aerial pods. Volocopter meanwhile – as the name suggests – is keenly interested in purely-electric flying taxi – eVTOL, meaning electric vertical takeoff and landing. Volocopter announced the new investment is set to “speed up the introduction process of the Volocopter serial model and conquer the market for flying air taxis” with its “safe, quiet and environmentally friendly aircraft, suitable for transporting two passengers.”

The initial public demonstrations of the Volocopter will be performed in partnership with the state transport authority Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai later this year, with the city interested to have more than 25 percent of its passenger transportation via autonomous modes of transportation. Daimler is also considered a key strategic partner because automakers are now “intensely interested in the mobility of the future – in autonomous driving or electrical mobility.”



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