[Video] Dark, evil and strong – 805 hp Dodge Charger image

It looks like people from Scandinavia have a big American muscle car fetish, as Sweden hosts one of the biggest US vehicle meetings in the world, while Finland is renowned for its muscle car gatherings.

Now, let’s take into account just one particular meeting – for instance Helsinki Cruising Night – where loads of U.S made cars take by storm the capital. Here special cars made us notice the whole thing: like for example the most evil-looking musclecar we came across in a while. It’s a triple black 1973 Dodge Charger that has a 9.9-liter V8 monster that delivers no less than 805 hp – and there’s no hood to conceal it.

The owners have ditched the vehicle’s classic wheels, replacing them with a set if 20-inch ZE Forged Fictions, have fitted modern taillamps and got rid of all the chrome by matching it to the car’s body color, with the end result simply amazing. Oh, if this were to be the official ride of the Devil no one would be surprised… Also, we need to point out that the sound you hear in the video is all engine – no turbo, no supercharger has been fitted!