[Video] Dark-side blacked-out LaFerrari seen in the metal in London image

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is pretty much ready to swipe the floor with all previous installments as well as other fan favorite movies in terms of global return.

As such we’re pretty much looking out for anything that might have to do even remotely with the eternal struggle between the Light and Dark Side – and because we all know the Black Knight Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers are ultimate fan favorites, we have a contemporary ride for him. We’re talking here about a Ferrari LaFerrari that has deserted its traditional Prancing Horse red in favor of an all-black apparel – taking to the extreme the usual two-tone color scheme that only sees the upper side of the machine, as well as a few other elements around the car decked in black. And this particular LaFerrari example was caught in the metal roaming the streets of London. We’re talking here about a truly menacing dark 950 hp (963 PS) LaFerrari which can be seen as either too “dull” or subtly understated. By the way, we noticed the owner registered the LaFerrari in Dusseldorf, Germany and also decided to ditch the front plate.

We’re pretty unsure in which particular LaFerrari category this example has fallen in yet – either the one where owners and the vehicle enjoy a happy, uneventful and long life, the one where the driver decides to see the car’s limits and finds out his own limits come first or the one where a cover will keep it warm in the garage or the prized supercar even becomes a glorified coffee table.