[VIDEO] Dartz Jo-Mojo revealed image

Designed in a new collaboration with Eduard Gray of Gray Design, Dartz has recently revealed its new creation, the Jo-Mojo, which is an electric version of the bulletproof Roadster.

According to Dartz, this is the second collaboration with Eduard Gray from Gray Design, and its latest creation, the Jo-Mojo, is taking the armored transport to a new level. Dartz says that the Jo-Mojo has been made for the streets of the French Riviera (Cote d’Azur), and, as you can see from the video below, the electric roadster has some aggressive styling which can be augmented with bullet wheels, a chameleon paintjob and solar cells on the cover to help recharge the batteries when the vehicle is parked.

“The Jo-Mojo has been designed for the streets of the Cote d’Azur and comes armed with a personality that will light up any party. The compact format, low center of gravity and wide front wheel placement give the car fantastic handling characteristics and ensure a smooth ride around the twist and turns of the Blue Coast and the maneuverability to make sure you’re never late for a party”, as Dartz says in its official press release.

The Dartz Jo-Mojo is an electric vehicle powered by an 80 horsepower electric motor which is developing a peak torque of 90 lb-ft (122 Nm), enabling the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds, before hitting its 201 km/h (125 mph) top speed. The prototype has been scheduled to be unveiled at Top Marques Monaco.