Because there’s almost a full year before you need to get out of the “naughty list” to get Santa’s presents, you can switch back to the full Dictator mode and wish yourself for 2017 a brand new Dartz Mercedes-AMG GLS63.

The flagship SUV was already opulent – but the aftermarket specialists took the highly questionable route of instilling even more bling. So the Mercedes-AMG GLS63 – not your conspicuous model by any means – is now the stuff of zombie apocalypse. It’s now called the “Prombon Black Alligator” and it’s of course the work of Dartz, which are known emulators of Mansory. As the moniker clearly specifies, the horrific vehicle is also thriving on animal cruelty because it gets an alligator leather upholstery interior alongside gold accents from the tuner’s Department of Opulence. We’re not kidding, it’s a unit called like that.


On the outside any traces of Mercedes design have vanished (we’re sure the Germans are thankful of that) and all body panels are new and made out of Kevlar and carbon fiber. At an additional cost, there’s also a life-saving armored version with a Kevlar-coated titanium body. Lurking beneath the dual-vented hood is the biturbo 5.5-liter V8 engine from Affalterbach, though it has been massaged by Dartz to as much as 1,600 hp (1,193 kW) and 1,106 lb-ft (1,500 Nm).


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