[VIDEO] Datsun Go scores 0 “ZERO” stars in crash test image

In a recent crash test performed by Global NCAP, the Datsun Go hasn’t managed to score even 1 star as the small and cheap vehicle was “awarded” with a 0-star safety rating.

We didn’t though that in 2014, a brand new car could score 0 stars in a crash test but it seems that this is possible, especially with a rival to the Tata on the Indian market. The tested car was a Datsun Go, priced at 7,000 USD, with its 68 HP engine under its hood. The test has been performed by Global NCAP and the overall safety rating stands at 0 stars. We’re still shocked, 0 stars.

If you are curious how a car with a 0-star safety rating performs in an impact, scroll down and check out the video posted below. It is mind-blowing that the vehicle in question made by Nissan. The Datsun Go is said to be based on the Nissan Micra and this has received a 4-star safety rating when being tested by Euro NCAP, back in 2010. The Go stands at 3,785 mm long, 1,635 mm wide and 1,485 mm tall, with a 2,450 mm wheelbase and a 1.2 liter engine under its hood, connected to a 5-speed manual transmission.