[Video] David Hasselhoff and his KITT friend seemingly reunited by upcoming Knight Rider Heroes flick image

Do you remember David Hasselhoff? Of course you do since the old guy is practically a cultural icon without ever being actually relevant in any way. Though fans might argue his best work yet was on board KITT.

Yes, we’re talking about one of the most interesting TV Series involving automobiles – the one where David is paired with an inhuman partner – Knight Industries Two Thousand, which is an artificially intelligent electronic computer module installed inside a robotic automobile. If it sounds very contemporary it’s because it is – we’re not yet ready to have our cars talk back at us with full blown intelligence but the entire world is rooting for the introduction of autonomous vehicles that will one day enhance road safety. Back to our cultural references, it appears the YouTube has spawned yet another hidden gem: the mysterious new trailer for a reboot of the original (never mind the first reboot attempt from 2008, even though it featured the marvelous 2008/2009 Ford Shelby GT500KR).

We’re talking about the trailer for a movie that will have David Hasselhoff return as Michael Knight and again team up with a KITT based on a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. It’s called Knight Rider Heroes and also has to do with the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG), which has been apparently sabotaged by criminal elements in the government – though the program has been reinitiated off the books. No word on the moment we’ll get to see some robotic and Hasselhoff action, but we’re definetly rooting for this remake to be hastened.