[Video] Daymak C5 electric kart masters zero to 60 mph in a mere1.5 seconds image

This is one insane ride – it should be faster, if it delivers on its promises, than a Bugatti, the Dodge Demon or any Tesla if we want to keep things all-electric.

Go-karts are usually those vehicles serving recreational purposes, unless you plan your kid to have a motorsport career, which means they should be great for honing their starter skills. But Daymak, a company from Toronto, Ontario, is looking to put karts next to supercars – with their new electric go-kart said to reach the 60 mile per hour (96 kilometer per hour) mark in less than 1.5 seconds. That’s astonishingly faster than a Bugatti Chiron by a full second, and also trumps the Dodge Challenger Demon and Tesla P100D that promise 2.3 or 2.28 second runs.

The Daymak C5 Blast is a 200+ kilogram (440+ pound) machine that will defy your understandings of automobile physics – because Daymak vice-president Jason Roy explains the secret is lowering weight even more. They achieve this via eight Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motors to create 100 kg of upward thrust, which pushes the kart off the ground achieving less friction. This is of course not ideal for the bends – but fortunately the EDFs can be controlled for various applications, or shut down entirely. Regular power is achieved via four EDFs at the back and a 10,000-watt motor linked to the rear wheels, while energy comes from a 2,400 watt-hour lithium battery pack. They even have the prices – go for the regular non-EDF C5 Blast at $9,999 or take the mind-bending C5 Blast with EDFs for a serious jump in price, coming in at $59,995 (US dollars, not Canadian).