[VIDEO] Daytona 500: Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a jet dryer image

The former Formula 1 star and IndyCar driver, Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, has recently crashed on Monday into a jet dryer, causing an explosion and a massive fire.

According to reports, the Colombian race driver Juan Pablo Montoya has hit a jet dryer under caution, delaying the race for more than an hour, with 40 laps remaining at the Daytona International Speedway. The unfortunate incident happened because of a malfunction with Montoya’s car, and after the vehicle hit the truck, both of them burst into flames.

“I’ve hit a lot of things. But a jet dryer? … I thought ‘I’m actually hitting the jet and it’s not going to be fun.’ Before I got there, I was thinking this thing was going to be on fire pretty bad. And it was. I was the flames. My helmet got a little burned and everything”, said Montoya.

The jet dryer operator, Duane Barnes, and Juan Pablo Montoya walked away unharmed from the burning vehicles. Barnes was taken to the Halifax Health Medical Center for evaluation where he was treated and released.

“He was OK. He just looked pretty scared. I’m sure he’s pretty shaken and going to be sore”, added the Colombian race driver.

The unfortunate incident happened because of a malfunction to Montoya’s race car, who felt a vibration after pitting on lap 158. Montoya had returned to the pit and his crew had checked the car and sent him back to the track. This is the second time in three years when the Daytona 500 has been delayed by an accident and back in 2010, the race was delayed by two hours after a massive pothole developed in Turn 2.