[Video] Didn’t see that one coming: trailer released for Monster Trucks movie image

The WTF things kept pouring during the time we watched this trailer – which oddly enough doesn’t come from The Asylum – but instead is sourced from Paramount Pictures.

It’s a cross between ET and Monsters Inc done with rather crappy CGI. We can also see some elements of the lovely (for kids) monster adventure “The Water Horse” – but that one at least had the underlying theme of the war present and the little ones might have extracted a lesson after the viewing as well. Well, Paramount Pictures, a very serious company usually, has introduced the first trailer for the upcoming Monster Trucks movie, which has been tipped for a wide release on January 13th, 2017. The film has Lucas Till as a high school student named Tripp who is a genuinely car aficionado and has decided to build a monster truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. But an incident at a nearby oil-drilling site brings to the surface an odd “subterranean creature” who eventually befriends Tripp.

There isn’t much to go about the plot – probably there isn’t one actually. But it appears – like any high schooler – Tripp has his fair share of love issues and insecurities and having a monster – named Preach – hide in Tripp’s truck and act as an engine doesn’t help. There are also government agents involved – the bad type ones – and Tripp finds Preach has a family. They all reunite for the climactic third act where the family of monsters hide in monster trucks and battle the government stooges.