[Video] DIY EV is cheap and can challenge today’s long range models image

According to ITAP Inc., they now have a do-it-yourself electric car that can successfully trump the range credentials of any current long-range production EV – including Tesla’s champion Model S 100D.

ITAP’s hybrid recycling method has been used inside The Phoenix” – and then in order to showcase its potential they compare it to a Tesla Model S P90D, Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf on a highway range test. All cars were fully charged, all doing the same route, under the same conditions and with professional drivers at the wheel. “The Phoenix” is nothing more than a salvaged BMW that ITAP took from a junkyard. It now has 88 percent recycled materials (by weight) and the car tips the scales at a total of 3,960 pounds (1,796 kilograms). Even the battery and the controller are completely recycled – and the cost for ITAP was $12,900 in total.

The test cars ran a 362-mile (582-kilometer) round trip route in California from Chatsworth to San Luis Obispo. Naturally, the Nissan Leaf is the first to give up after 81 miles. Surprisingly the next to follow is the Tesla Model S P90D at 238.2 miles, with the Chevy Bolt impressing us at 271.5 miles. Then the Phoenix stopped at 340.3 miles because of a fuse malfunction (it’s a do-it-yourself), but still had 32 percent power. ITAP Inc. (IT Asset Partners) is a specialist in Electronic Asset Management, Reverse Logistics, and Recycling – this means “re-integrating new life cycles into old electronics.” Interesting indeed: “Our battery pack is 125 kWh currently and still under GVWR of 4,200/LBS for this 1997 BMW Frame,” comments one of the creators.