[Video] Do you need to get The Grand Tour show explained? image

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May – in their own particular way of viewing the world – try to accommodate inquisitive future viewers of their upcoming show on Amazon Prime.

If you’re among the fans of the trio from back in the day when they were doing their shenanigans on BBC2 during the Top Gear show already know this was not just an automotive broadcast. And watching the trailer of The Grand Tour – their new car show on Amazon, we already understood this is more than a regular car show. But the exact explanation to what the show is could – arguably – be given in the new video from the official The Grand Tour Youtube channel, featuring Clarkson, Hammond, and May. “It’s three middle aged men, in poor condition, falling over and catching fire, and occasionally a car goes by,” says Clarkson. “It’s a peripatetic, tent-based, car-themed adventure,” adds May. Hammond is as always, short: “there’s lot in it”.

If we try our own explanations – and we did, off site – we also fail at capturing the essence. In all earnest, we’re going to watch with the whole world to see if we can grasp the concept by just watching all the action and comedy. And if you’re somebody who fell off the Moon or slept since the Neanderthal ages, we also advise seeing at least two or three Top Gear shows with the guys to have a reference.