We’ve come to think that hell is a pretty “warm” place, as in close to Sun’s surface temperature, but it turns out the Dodge Challenger Demon is not going the same way, and instead is adopting a cool demeanor.

We’ve lost track of how many teasers Dodge has put out so far for the Demon – and we’re hoping the end is near… sooner. Anyways, we’ve seen it all – do burnouts, go to gym to lose weight, sound quirky among many other things – including getting a branded “workshop”. Now – after seeing the 757 horsepower Easter Egg in one of the teasers that talked about the on-board technologies – it has come to find out what modifications have been operated regarding the air conditioning system… Yes, as it turns out, Dodge is premiering on a production car a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system. It’s a long name, we’ll just call it the cool system, and explain its simple function.

In Drag Mode, the Demon’s air conditioning system is rooted towards lowering the temperature of the engine’s charge air cooling system. In case you didn’t get this – the cold air from the engine is used to cool the cooling system that creates cool air to enter the engine… This will help performance – cool air is denser, so more air can be forced into the engine and mix with fuel to result in more horsepower. Dodge claims this cool system will lower air intake temperatures by up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and we’ll likely see this in action after the model premieres on April 11 at the New York Auto Show.



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