[Video] Dodge Challenger Demon teaser says 757 image

That would be the magical horsepower number of the upcoming halo car of the company – the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, if we are to believe the latest teaser from the company that talks tech data.

Every week we have another 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teaser – we’re always saying this one won’t go in but here it is, another on getting the primetime. This time, the Dodge guys (we wonder what’s left to tease, the ignition key?!) are taking the time to present us with some of the Demon’s data-logging capabilities and driver-adjustable settings – we’re pretty sure you need to be a nerd alongside being a true drag racer. Oh yeah, we know that rag racers – like any other motorsport aficionado – love detailed, informative pieces of information that can help them achieve better times, in this particular case faster quarter-mile runs. Dodge is doing what it can to fuel the passion – via the new Performance Pages feature of the Demon’s UConnect system.

Each Demon Crate is personalized for its owner with a serialized name plate.

This is actually not entirely new – SRT models have had it for a while, and owners can monitor and track a variety of data and adjust settings. But the Demon comes with extra perks. For example, they have real-time graphic displays of a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and ratios, as well as real-time tracking and logging of horsepower and torque. There’s also monitoring for the air-fuel ratio under acceleration – and can even compare numbers before and after installation of aftermarket components. Demon-specific features include timers for launch reaction times, 0-60 and 0-100 speed runs, eighth-mile and quarter-mile times, and there’s also a G-meter to measure both lateral and longitudinal acceleration. The Performance Pages will also allow the adjustment of RPM for launch control and an individual-gear adjustable shift light. And there’s also an Easter Egg – the time at the top of the screen always says 7:57, so maybe that’s the horsepower figure.