[Video] Dodge Challenger Hellcat in for a tough drag with Fox Body Mustang image

If just by looking at the picture you thing you’ll land the winner then we suggest reading on and then taking a look at the footage – and here’s a hint as to why: the latter ‘Stang features a Coyote engine swap.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat and its SRT brethren the Charger have been a bona fide of the drag racing phenomenon ever since they were presented and the passion doesn’t seem to have blown over yet. The latest battle involving one of the cars in this muscle duet involves a rather odd run with a Fox Body Mustang – which unlike the Hellcat is nowhere near stock conditions and runs courtesy of an engine swap. The latter chose a Coyote V8 and without any mods on this one comes packing 420 hp. If you think it’s really low on power compared to the Hellcat, just consider the Fox Body Mustang is tipping the scales at around 3,100 – 3,300 lbs. Meanwhile, the stock factory production Hellcat will come in at a hefty 4,400 lbs – its only modification is the adoption of drag radials.

Speaking of the latter, to make things even more mysterious when trying to figure out beforehand the winner, the Foxy ‘Stang has opted for slick rubbers. We do have on beef with this drag race – it uses the traditional human Christmas Tree for the take-off phase because the race takes place on the street. We’ll let you see the aftermath and while looking at the video we feel compelled to remind you to dial up the volume to have another taste of the Hellcat’s infamous soundtrack.

Via TheBayAreaRacing