[Video] Dodge SRT commercial series has Vin Diesel and his muscles image

Diesel and his long-running Fast, Furious and often unbelievable in action franchise is more and more popular with each new installment – and Dodge is taking full advantage of the fact they have been supporting it for so long.

Vin Diesel also gets the perks of being a mayflower – sorry, the perks of being a star, that’s another movie altogether – and puts through their paces Dodge’s latest vehicles from the performance portfolio. Three new commercial spots have the cheesy tagline, “Brotherhood of Muscle,” with Diesel flexing his muscles on the potent products. First off we have “Rally Cry,” where Diesel is doing his thing inside a Challenger Hellcat – namely burnouts.

Next up there’s the “Monster,” where the all-new Durango SRT gets his prime-time spot, with the third, entitled “Shepherds,” getting the hang of the 707-horsepower (527-kilowatt) Charger Hellcat. The three-part ad spot is previewed by a one-minute and two thirty-second clips, each out since May 1, 2017. Chief Marketing Officer for Dodge, Olivier Francois, calls Diesel “the ideal partner” and that, “it’s a natural fit that builds on the strengths of both of us.” By the way, get to theaters if you haven’t seen Diesel’s character Dom Toretto plot his course inside the all-new, 840-hp (626-kW) Demon, among other Dodges.