[Video] Dodge talks about launching the Demon in latest teaser image

The automaker’s newest teaser in the long stream of episodes has to do with the laws of physics and the only thing that keeps our cars on the road – the wheels and tires.

Specifically, Dodge is explaining how the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon will be able to pull of brutal launches – thanks to improved grip from the tires and a larger contact surface area. The muscle car sends power to the road via an upgraded torque converter with a higher stall speed and 3.09 gearing for the rear axle – according to the company there’s an 18 percent surge in converter torque multiplication and about the same improvement for the rear axle. This means there’s roughly 35 percent more available launch force off the line compared to the already feisty Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Another, earlier teaser already talked about the 315/40 R18 Nitto NT05R street-legal drag radials that are wrapped around lighter 18 inch wheels. The carmaker also adds these improved components deliver a 15 percent larger contact patch than the Challenger Hellcat. By the way, we already know the Demon will need additional cooling – Dodge showed the huge 45 square inches (290.3 square centimeters) hood scoop – claimed to be the biggest functional unit on a production car.