This particular Chevrolet Chevelle SS has the regular 454 badge slapped on the body and an unsuspecting supercar might take the mickey on the old school muscle car.

But the story changes because the soul of the classic muscle car has been exchanged for one that delivers in excess of 1, 000 horses – this Chevelle SS in the video down below received a hear transplant in the form of a 582 cubic inch (9.5 liter) big block. That means you can easily look down from inside at a Viper owner (also literally, due to the high ground clearance) or decide modern Corvette Z06s will need a lesson from the more experienced racer – in the style of the Sensei and apprentice from Karate Kid or the Star Wars series. And while in school session, pulling the 9 second quarter mile passes will show everyone the rear end combo of your Chevelle SS. The owner claims it has 1,071 ponies at the crank and all that power is made using regular gas.

By the way, the owner is also one that doesn’t enjoy its supercar clad in raggy clothes (sort of speak, since the body looks pristine and the engine bay appears as clean as a surgery room) to sit in the garage so he regularly takes to the streets in his 1970s era muscle car. If you look at the video below you’ll understand what we meant about the Sensei/disciple case with the Corvette Z06.

Via High Tech Corvette


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