[Video] Drag race between BMW M2 and Mercedes A45 AMG needs photo finish image

The M2 is the hottest Bavarian model but the Stuttgart rival also holds its own after it was recently updated. And to see who gets the front place in the segment we have a wicked drag race.

We’re not going to call the M2 a hot hatch since it’s a classic coupe body but we already know everyone will pit it against the likes of the A45 and others wearing a five-door body. The M2 is a “rara avis” in the segment meaning its coolness level is off the charts. After decades of cooking up the hot hatch segment into veritable “bad boys”, the offerings in the area are as close as they will ever get to real sports car performance levels. The reviews are already pouring in for the M2 and we can all see that people say it’s even better than the M4 in certain regards. But fraternal battles aside, BMW prepped the M2 to do combat with the current king of power – the 381 PS A45.

The models have been questioned in a quarter-mile skirmish by the fans over in South Africa from Cars, and while we might have wanted to see circuit lap timings, we all know this drag race is the safe alternative to traffic light battles. There’s a huge difference between the two models here – the A45 has a two liter turbo and all-wheel drive, whereas the M2 boasts a three-liter turbo and rear wheel drive – but the winner had to be established via the thrilling photo finish.

Via Cars.co.za