[Video] DreamCase lets you camp in your Tesla Model S image

We’ve seen Model S and X owners do virtually everything inside their eco-friendly supercars – from dancing to sleeping – thanks to the arrival of the Autopilot semi-autonomous system.

But we’ve never seen them camp in a Tesla Model S. That’s going to change thanks to DreamCase, a company from Slovenia – and we’re not talking about camping on the highway while in motion. No, we’re talking about the real deal. The idea is to provide Model S owners with a special sleeping system for occasional adventures in the wild. The DreamCase is suitable for two adults, setting it up takes just two and a half minutes and includes 4 part modular mattresses. It’s kind of expensive – €925 – but it’s also multifunctional.

It’s a premium design that “greatly improves upon the comfort, reliability and sound characteristics of portable mattresses,” according to the company’s release. In addition to the double mattress size, it also includes multi-layer memory foam, a car duvee and pillows. The four modular panels have articulating joints – when flat it acts as a bed, but it can be partially stacked for reading or separated as outdoor seating pads. Interesting to say the least – and a great aid in case you remain out of juice somewhere and need to top up the battery from a regular charger – not Tesla’s speedy Supercharger.


  • Chris

    Hi inautonews, thanks for covering our product! I wanted to point out that the base DreamCase is priced at €790 including VAT in Europe and $830USD (excluding tariffs and sales tax) for the USA. Pillows and duvet are included and the mattress is made of 4 memory foam panels that fold and are configurable.