The driver of this 2016 Ford Focus RS might have the unwanted honor of being the first publicly known wrecker of the hottest hatchback available right now.

The US automaker didn’t make the Drift Mode idiot-proof and that is clear right here. The setting did spark a polemic around the Focus RS – which is actually lots of publicity for the model. Fans have argued this might be the single greatest innovation in the crowded hot hatch segment, while detractors believe anyone using it will crash and kill everyone miles around just like a bomb… The setting in itself is very clever indeed – sends the power to the rear wheels and the system constantly monitors how much of the 345 horsepower is needed to maintain the slide.

While that sounds ridiculously easy, it doesn’t mean it will make you a drift champion – the driver still needs to control the slide. One new owner has found out the wrong way – crashing it in the hills near New Paltz, New York. The driver was along for the ride with the New York ST Owners Club but has been subsequently expelled. “NYST does not condone or approve of this reckless behavior on public roadways. The offending person was immediately booted from our club. We practice safety on the road during our cruises, and actions such as this will be dealt with with ZERO TOLERANCE. Take it to the track if you want to drive like this,” called the clubs’ description of the booting.


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