[Video] Drifting a 350Z and some M3s is always done better at an abandoned Soviet missile base image

There’s always a great video for a weekend-inspired Friday, and this time around we selected one with high-powered cars, talented pilots and a very interesting (though somewhat frightening) setting.

Tripped Out: Latvia – as the feature has been named by its creators – has three drifters going about their business at a former Soviet missile base, and the end result is nothing short of amazing. High-powered cars slide around the apocalyptic overgrown site that has anything from heavily forested areas to open tarmac settings. There’s even a giant sculpture of Vladimir Lenin’s head. Let’s meet the crew and the rides: Ryan Tuerck has a supercharged E92 BMW M3; Kristaps Blušs goes round and round in a E46 M3 with a supercharged V8 and Matt Powers likes the Japanese flair with a Nissan 350Z with a biturbo V8.

There’s one minor issue for us gearheads – the soundtrack is great but easily overwhelms the roar of the powerplants and the scream of the tortured tires – which would be music to our ears. But you can’t have them all and the video is too much fun to get a beef against it. In case you’re wondering how much work goes into making these films, here’s also a behind-the-scenes look at the action in the second video – which goes to show that fun always comes only after some hard work.

Via: Speedhunters