[VIDEO] Drifting with a semi-truck on a closed track image

A semi-truck has been caught drifting on a closed track and the video is showing us a fearless driver who can do what others only dream about.

Even if the video isn’t what you might call “new”, finding it on YouTube really made our day. As you can see on the footage below, a MAN semi-truck has been caught on camera drifting on a closed track. What is mostly interesting about this video, compared to other similar ones found on the internet, is that the vehicle doesn’t appear to be modified in any way and its driver apparently took his “brave pill” before getting behind the wheel and spinning it on the track.

While most “race-drivers wannabe” are playing around in their BMW E30s or BMW E36s, the driver in the video below had chosen a unique vehicle to prove his drifting skills: an unmodified MAN semi-truck and even if what he does might seem “easy” to the untrained eye, trust us, if it was you behind the truck’s wheel, you would have crashed it several times in the whole three minutes of the video.

Sadly we don’t have any details about the track, driver or semi-truck, but the video seems to be filmed in Spain. You can the video below. Enjoy!