[VIDEO] Drifting world record set in Toyota GT86 – 145 km image

A Toyota GT86 has managed to set a drifting world record on an improvised track after travelling sideways for no less than 145 km.

We all know that the Toyota GT86 is one fund ride to own but the model in question has just become even more interesting after it managed to drift for no less than 145, 12 km (89.55 miles) on an improvised course. The small sports car has went sideways for 2 hours and 25 minutes with German drifter Harald Muller behind the wheel, managing to smash the previous record.

The former world record for drifting was held by a BMW M5 which has travelled for 83 km (51 miles) sideways, in South Carolina, last year. The record attempt took place in Samsun, Turkey, on a 0.15 mile course, where the drifter has completed 612 laps on the watered circuit of slippery tarmac. Drifting on a wet surface may be considered cheating my many of you, but Guinness doesn’t think that, and this is all that matters, basically. You can check out part of the world record drifting attempt in the small video posted below. You can praise both this impressive budget sports car and also the guy behind the wheel.