[Video] Easter has passed but the Eggs are still here, Tesla reveals latest one, which is “psychedelic” image

California-based electric luxury automaker Tesla Motors is among the many companies that have embraced the practice of hiding Easter Eggs inside their models.

This is why we weren’t surprised when the resident Tesla PR – CEO and co-founder Elon Musk – recently unveiled the latest one – a “psychedelic cowbell road.” This one is not overly evident and in order to bring it forth the drivers will need to have the Autopilot system. The owner will have to engage it by pulling the cruise control stalk towards them – the autopilot will activate and a blue icon will appear illuminated. Then the driver needs to pull back on the cruise control stalk four times rapidly. If the input is successful, the regular grey road representation in the dashboard will morph into a psychedelic cowbell road that is reminding us geeks of the “Rainbow Road” map in Mario Kart 64.

You may find this one pretty futile, but we should remember that previous ones were just as unhelpful and only serve as gimmicks for the owners – though the fun factor is something we can’t negate. Previous Easter Eggs in Tesla models included for example the possibility to turn the Model S into the Lotus submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me or showing a Star Trek-style warp speed montage on the models fitted with the Ludicrous speed mode.

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