The US electric carmaker Tesla Motors has been the investor’s sweetheart since its initial public offering back in 2010 and today the shares are trading at prices that pit it against Silicon Valley tech companies, not traditional automakers.

The company set out to revolutionize the upcoming luxury electric vehicle segment and –at least in part – fulfilled its promises with the very well-received (both by customers and experts) Model S sedan. It’s full of technology, can accelerate as fast as V8 sports coupe and still offers the luxury of a large-sized limousine. On top of that – at least if you live in the US – you get free life-time recharges at the company’s Supercharger network – a very fast system designed to top off the batteries in the least amount of time possible.

And all that has one man behind – billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder Elon Musk. The company’s chief executive officer has always been the most vocal proponent of the company, essentially driving up the automaker’s public image. Now, according to an interview with Auto Bild (the video is below), the era of his leadership could soon come over – in around four years or so. He says that while he doesn’t imagine ever leaving the company, he’s going to leave a new leader in his place in the next three to four years. That would coincide with the expected release of the company’s Model 3 affordable electric car, set to enter the lineup in 2017 and compliment the Model S sedan and the upcoming Model X crossover.

Via Business Insider


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