[Video] Epic BattleDrift is here: Saito’s Lambo goes up against Gittin Jr.’s Mustang RTR image

Action usually speaks louder than words and boy we’re in here for some loud action. And since we’re all here rooting to have any kind of vehicle drift-ready (even Priuses or 911s) we’re eagerly going to watch countless times this drift battle for the ages.

We recently teased the upcoming clash between one of Japan’s top drifters, the renown Daigo Saito, which has decided to go amuck and leave the JDM ways in favor of a sideways running Italian breed of a Lamborghini. Back when we featured the teaser, we also showed you how his Murcielago stood up against the world’s only Lexus LFA drift car, but this time around the fight is of a different breed altogether, as it loses the comfortable setup of a racetrack. The contender is a respected drifter itself – Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the Mustang RTR. And the battle is also taking place in a severely funky place – the Japanese built Niigata Russian-themed village and amusement park. This one is abandoned so it made up for the perfect setting for this clash of drift kings.

By the way, don’t jump to the video just yet before you see the fighters in each corner. Daigo’s Murcielago has retained its naturally aspirated V12, which had a slight performance crash course that enabled it to deliver 650 hp and naturally gave up its staple all-wheel drive, while also going for a custom suspension setup. On the other end of the ring sits the 2016 mod of the RTR Mustang using the 5.0-liter Ford crate engine, titled the “Aluminator” – the V8 delivers 550 atmospheric ponies.

Via Monster Energy