[Video] Epic footage caught by dashcam during spectacular rally rollover image

During the 2016 Podbrdská Rally Legend event in Czech Republic, driver Martin Kdér behind the wheel of a Skoda 130 LR had a rather “successful” rollover crash.

You don’t have to be a motorsports fan to know these things happen on a regular basis during the events – which is why these cars get fitted with all the safety gear. But during the “stunt” the car’s dashboard camera made the lucky transition from dashcam to external recorder – and in the process also took some epic footage. The masterful job was possible thanks to the lucky survival of the camera – which was itself involved in the accident but was still durable enough to continue recording even after being slapped in the grass.

During the incident the camera fell through the smashed windshield and like in the well known rally games that get played from a third-person perspective, the camera recorded as the car was dancing in the air, allowing us to take a glance at the spectacular physics involved in such wreckages. More so, the video you see below was also edited a bit to allow us to better capture the action with certain parts at normal speed – though due to the car’s velocity they might seem on fast-forward – and other bits in slow motion. Rolling in that heritage Skoda 130 LR might sound a bit frightening, but thankfully Martin Kdér and his co-driver came out without major injuries.