[Video] eSports competition sees McLaren offer F1 simulator position image

In case you didn’t know, eSports is the sports branch where people professionally play video games… and before laughing, we can tell you the top guys here get as much money as “real” athletes.

More so, we suddenly got the urge to also become professional eSports players – though we reckon we could have used a few years of practice in advance. That’s because McLaren has decided to offer a position within the company as a Formula 1 simulator driver to the winner of a new eSports competition it has announced in partnership with well-known gaming company Logitech. The Woking-based firm wants to discover the “World’s Fastest Gamer” and is the first Formula One team to do such digital feats. “This is a hugely exciting opportunity – not only within the gaming industry, but for everyone at McLaren and motorsport in general. We’ve long witnessed the growth of online sports gaming, and, right now, the parallels between the real and the virtual worlds have never been closer,” comments McLaren executive director Zak Brown.

The players will have to fight each other on a roster of video games – all in the racing category, of course – on a host of platforms, with the big final taking place at McLaren’s plant this fall with just 10 contestants. The winner will have a one-year contract as a simulator driver and will collaborate with the engineers at the factory and at the tracks.