[VIDEO] Euro NCAP: 5 stars for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Nissan X-Trail image

The new generation of the Nissan X-Trail, along with the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, have scored a total of 5 stars at the latest Euro NCAP crash tests.

If you are looking into the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class and safety is one major concern, don’t worry, because the model has scored a maximum of 5 stars during the latest Euro NCAP tests. According to the safety specialists, the vehicle has scored 93 percent in Adult Occupant, 87 percent in Child Occupant, 67 percent in Pedestrian safety and 85 percent in Safety Assist. The tested vehicle was a V-Class 2.2 diesel weighing in at 2,205 kg.

Another vehicle which managed to obtain a maximum of 5 stars was the new generation of the Nissan X-Trail. The vehicle in question has obtained 86 percent in Adult Occupant, 83 percent in Child Occupant, 75 percent in Pedestrian safety and 75 percent in Safety Assist. This is actually safer than most vehicles tested as it managed to score 8.0 points in the side car impact and 7.9 points in the side pole impact. A total of 27 points were awarded to the vehicle in the Pedestrian safety too, where the only “Poor” zones were seen in the lower side parts of the windshield and the lower center part was actually rated as “Good”. The vehicle tested was an X-Trail 1.6 diesel Acenta, weighing 1,645 kg.