[VIDEO] Euro NCAP: BMW 2-Series Active Tourer image

Euro NCAP has recently crash tested the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer as the family MPV has received a total of 5 stars.

The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer has proved that the company’s first production front-wheel drive vehicle has what it takes in order to be called a safe vehicle. In the Adult Occupant and the Child Occupant categories, it managed to score even more than the Tesla Model S’ 82 percent and 77 percent, which is 84 percent and 85 percent respectively, while in the Pedestrian Safety, the model received 60 percent and in the Safety Assist, 70 percent.

The main problem in the Adult Occupant was seen in the driver’s right leg, in the front offset, which was marked as “Poor”, along with the chest, marked as “Adequate”. In the 18 month old child and in the 3 year old child, the vehicle has received 24 points, along with 6 other points awarded in the Child safety features. The Pedestrian Safety has “spotted” some problems with the lower side of the windscreen and the bonnet as 22 points were given to the front-wheel drive vehicle in this chapter, along with 9 points in the Safety Assist. The tested car was a BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 1.5 Base, weighing 1,320 kg.