[Video] Euro NCAP celebrates two decades of existence, here’s their first crash image

The safety organization is currently celebrating no less than 20 years of existence – and they’re doing this with a crash, naturally, though it’s fortunately from their 1997 archive.

It’s only been two decades since the Euro NCAP has started crashing cars for the sake of our safety – and other similar organizations soon followed suite – but boy did they have an impact on our everyday life. The organization itself has released a few numbers, the most important being at the end: their test regime has eaten up cars worth $192 million since its introduction, destroying more than 1,800 cars in the process, all to save an estimated 78,000 lives. “We are very proud – as we mark 20 years at the forefront of road safety – that Euro NCAP’s program of safety tests has achieved major, life-saving improvements in cars and has helped Europe reach the lowest road fatality rate for any region in the world,” comments Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP secretary general.

For the celebration, the organization has re-released the crash that put them on today’s course – the destruction of a Rover 100, a model that had been in 1997 on the market for eight years in that form and was actually a facelifted and rebadged version of the Metro that had a design stemming from the 1970s. You can only imagine the dummys really needed a honorable burial after the test… the frontal impact test performed at a mere 30-mph (48-kph) showed increased chance of severe injury and even death, although side-impact bars and airbags were introduced to the range already.