[VIDEO] Euro NCAP: Tesla Model S tested image

The Tesla Model S has been finally tested by the safety specialists from Euro NCAP and the electric vehicle has received a total of five stars.

If you were concerned that the Tesla Model S might not exactly be what you have been looking for in terms of safety, think again because the vehicle in question has been recently tested out by the safety specialists from Euro NCAP and the result was quite satisfying as this has been awarded with a five-star safety rating.

The Tesla Model S has received a total of 82 percent in Adult Occupant protection, 77 percent in the Child Occupant protection, 66 percent in the Pedestrian Safety and 71 Percent in the Safety Assist category. In the first category the driver’s chest and legs were marked as “Adequate”, along with the passenger’s head. The Chest of the occupant has been marked as “Weak” in the Side Pole impact while the neck protection was “Good”.

In the Child Occupant category, the 18 month old child has received 12 points, along with the 3 year old child, while another 3 points have been awarded to the Child Safety Features. The main problems with the Pedestrian safety have been spotted in the lower and the side of the windscreen, along with the sides of the bonnet. A total of 9 points have been given to the car in the Safety Assist. The tested vehicle was a Tesla Model S 85 kWh, weighing 2,100 kg.