[VIDEO] EuroNCAP: Toyota Auris and RAV4 get 5-star rating image

The safety specialists at EuroNCAP have recently tested the new Toyota Auris and Toyota RAV4 and the two models have received a five-star overall rating.

According to EuroNCAP, the new generation of the Toyota Auris has scored an overall 5-star rating during the latest crash tests. The model has received a 92 percent rating in adult occupant safety, 84 percent in child occupant safety, 68 percent in pedestrian safety ad only 66 percent in safety assist category. The adult occupant protection in the frontal impact was marked as “good” and “adequate”, with the only problems being found in the right leg of the front passenger and driver and on the driver’s chest. The side impact car was marked as “good” and in the pole impact, there was a problem with the dummy’s chest. The rear impact was also marked as “good”.

The new generation of the Toyota RAV4 was also tested and the SUV has received an 89 percent in adult occupant protection, 82 percent in child occupant safety, 66 percent in pedestrian safety and 66 percent in safety assist. The frontal impact test has seen some problems with the driver’s head, chest and legs and with the passenger’s leg. The side impact pole has also marked a problem with chest protection and the rear impact was marked “good”. The problems found in adult occupant protection were marked as “Adequate”.