[Video] Even the front wheel drive BMW 2 Series can drift… in proper conditions image

Here’s a rather unusual Nurburgring Taxi – the BMW 2 Series. We were used to the M5 and we’re wondering what happened here – is this a family trip down the “Green Hell”?

Well, if that was the thing, we think the family actually got more than they were charged for – with a near miss and a drift save. Just watch the footage. The video is short and we’re unsure as to what really happened here. It’s either a near miss with a great save or a case of a ‘Ring taxi driver disobeying the safety orders – which clearly state that no drifting is allowed. Watching the footage closely we can also see this is not your usual ‘Ring taxi – which fares the people around the track with professional drivers on board. This is your classic kind of taxi – the one that fares people inside the town.

So, we’re going for the latter – the driver had the skills and audacity to pull the stunt. We’re just hoping the 2 Series Grand Tourer – a seven seater model – was not packed with his wife and kids, because that would be just plain reckless. It looks like he knows what he’s doing, throwing the mass of the FWD model in order to achieve the stunt, and he’s doing it in a relatively safe environment. Just that an iconic circuit dubbed the “Green Hell” knows how to bite back when you’re reckless – and pulling too many stunts on its track might end up in a disaster. Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you, drifting taxi driver.