[Video] Even The Stig can get depressed from driving too many supercars image

It appears that even the best job in the automotive industry – driving all day great machines, including supercars and hypercars – can get the best of even the best, such as the ubiquitous Stig.

So, it appears that Top Gear’s tame racing drive has decided to rest its knuckles inside… something. We can’t call it anything else than a sleeper bumper car. The contraption, which isn’t actually quite ready, has been designed by Colin Furze. He is the famous British DIY hero whose adventures have amazed the entire world for some time now. He conceived anything from the world’s fastest mobility scooter to a hover bike that can actually lift a man off the ground. He is now quite the YouTube personality, so his dealings with Top Gear were actually to be expected.

[Video] Even The Stig can get depressed from driving too many supercars 4

Stig’s inner velocity void will be filled with a project based on a… 1960s bumper car. But this potentially terrifying machine has a bespoke chassis, a go-kart rear axle and a Honda motorcycle engine packing no less than 100 horsepower. And because the package is so crammed due to the body’s limitation things get even more perilous because the contraption now only has a three-wheel setup. Watch the clip to see how the Stig himself gets packaged…